Track Inspection and Maintenance

As an owner of industrial railroad tracks, your track infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. Our professional track inspectors will help you identify issues with your track to keep your business on track. Regular track inspections play an important part in helping avoid unplanned track events that could result in costly repairs, delayed deliveries, or personal injuries. In addition to being a good pro-active business decision, regular track inspections are required by federal regulation.


Track Inspection

Frequency of track inspections is dictated in Federal Regulation. Our professional track inspectors will perform a complete and thorough inspection of your track infrastructure at the prescribed intervals and deliver you an inspection record upon completion of the inspection. The inspection record will indicate deficiencies in your track that need to be repaired to be brought into compliance with Federal Regulation with a recommended repair action to be completed.

Track Maintenance & Repair

Our track inspectors are equipped with some basic hand tools to perform minor repairs in the field during the inspection to help keep your track safe. Those repair items that require a little more effort or larger material to repair will need to be completed by a railroad maintenance contractor. If you don’t already have a preferred contractor, we can help you connect with a maintenance contractor and coordinate the repairs to your track.

Capital Planning

Track infrastructure requires regular capital investment to maintain your track at a level where you can continue to provide reliable service to your customers. Many factors will affect the frequency and level of investment in your infrastructure including rail service volume, track geometry, and track materials, among other items. Our team can assist you in planning and developing a capital plan that’s appropriate for your business.